Something I missed mentioning last week, but despite recent news that Indiana’s Voter ID laws withstood the latest legal challenge, the outlook is not as good for the Georgia version. Thursday the AJC reported that new Georgia Lt. Governor Casey Cagle believes that a proposal to amend the Georgia State Consitution to clear any objections to Voter ID rules will not even come to a vote in the Georgia State Senate.

Senate Resolution 4, sponsored by Sen. Cecil Staton (R-Macon), was assigned to a Senate committee Thursday. If approved by a two-thirds majority of the Senate and House, and then by Georgia voters in a statewide referendum, SR 4 would allow the General Assembly to enact regulations over voting, including a future photo ID requirement.

Past attempts by the Legislature to enact photo ID at the polls have been struck down by state and federal courts. A Fulton superior court judge last year ruled that the Legislature lacked the authority in the state Constitution to pass laws restricting the right to vote to only those who hold picture ID.

On Thursday, Sen. Kasim Reed (D-Atlanta) predicted that another bitter, divisive fight over photo ID in the General Assembly would harm the newly-inaugurated lieutenant governor’s efforts at bi-partisanship.

In a question-and-answer session in his office today with reporters, Cagle said he supports the voter ID requirement, but he said he doesn’t believe SR 4 can gain the required two-thirds majority in the Senate.

“If you don’t have the votes, it’s not worth the fight,” said Cagle, who has appointed three Democrats to chair Senate committees. “I’m not pushing it. I’m not interested in bringing bills to the floor … if there’s no possibility of it passing.” Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? digg:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? spurl:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? wists:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? simpy:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? newsvine:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? blinklist:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? furl:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? reddit:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? fark:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? blogmarks:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? Y!:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? smarking:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? magnolia:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely? segnalo:Georgia Voter ID Amendment Unlikely?