It took Newsbusters to highlight that a Federal Appeals Court actually *upheld* Indiana’s voter ID law. Of course, I had to read about it there, because there has been almost no coverage elsewhere in the media outside of Indiana.

Georgia’s long-standing struggle over enforcement of enhanced Voter ID rules received significantly more play in the press… and it seems that the last step we were left with was possibly needing to go as far as to amend the state constitution in order to address some of the objections.

It would be interesting to understand how the Indiana law was crafted differently that made it “not too burdensome”. We know that providing state ID’s at no cost and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on education programs was not enough. I’m sure that there are some very interested lawmakers in Atlanta right now.

UPDATE: This is exactly the same scenario that I can see with various communities trying to create ordinances regarding illegal immigrants. Whether it’s Cherokee County, GA or Hazleton, PA or Valley Park, MO, or Escondido, CA, or somewhere new… eventually one of these communities will bear the financial and time burden of navigating the myriad of lawsuits. And when one of these ordinances is eventually judged as sound law, then it will have a cascading effect as it is copied by communities across the country. ID Law Stands in Indiana digg:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana spurl:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana wists:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana simpy:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana newsvine:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana blinklist:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana furl:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana reddit:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana fark:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana blogmarks:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana Y!:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana smarking:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana magnolia:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana segnalo:Voter ID Law Stands in Indiana