December 2005

There is an interesting article about a Texas Church who aides illegal immigrants (AP, Debate surrounds Texas church that aids illegals, 31 December 2005). It describes the work of Rev. Jim Loiacono, who provides at to illegal border crossers at Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Loiacono, and other priests along the border, reflect Roman Catholic social teaching that recognizes the right of nations to control their borders, but also asserts that people who cannot support themselves have a right to find work in another country for their survival.

Wait, let me check that again. As a nation, you can control your borders, but not if “control” means prohibiting someone from moving to a country with worse economic conditions to a country with better economic conditions. Well, that’s not much control at all.

But instead of getting worked up about some who knowlingly aids and abeds these criminals, I was most struck by a sentance at the end of the article:

Meidy Garcia said she and her 3-year-old daughter, Susan, could have died if the church hadn’t provided refuge. During their two-week journey from Honduras, they slept in a rat-infested house, endured double-crossing guides and ached from hunger and thirst.
They crossed chest-high water in the Rio Grande and walked in chilly temperatures for a half hour before Border Patrol agents arrested them and questioned them for four hours.
A stranger brought them to the church hall, where Loiacono and the nuns cared for them.
Soon after, Loiacono drove the mother and child to a Western Union kiosk and arranged for Garcia’s husband — a baker in Atlanta — to send $300 to pay for her bus ride to Georgia. The priest made sure she got the 10 percent discount his church negotiated with the bus company for immigrant travel, then prayed for the mother and child.

First of all, after being caught by Border Patrol, the worst thing that happens is a four hour session of questioning, and then release with promise to appear in court. (Of course, she won’t appear in court in Texas because the good Reverand has put her on a bus leaving the state). Catch and release.

But to beat all… a 10% discount on bus fare just for being an illegal immigrant!!! Akkkk! (Choking). Sigh. Discount For Illegals digg:A Discount For Illegals spurl:A Discount For Illegals wists:A Discount For Illegals simpy:A Discount For Illegals newsvine:A Discount For Illegals blinklist:A Discount For Illegals furl:A Discount For Illegals reddit:A Discount For Illegals fark:A Discount For Illegals blogmarks:A Discount For Illegals Y!:A Discount For Illegals smarking:A Discount For Illegals magnolia:A Discount For Illegals segnalo:A Discount For Illegals

If you want to really see how unhinged Cindy Sheehan really is, just take a look at her New Year’s Resolutions. (2006: The Year the Chickenhawks Will Go Home to Roost, 28 December 2005). We’ve come to expect things like calling the Bush adminstration a “neo-Fascist regime”. It’s not surprising that she would say “His idiotic policies have ruined Iraq and New Orleans and made the world a more dangerous place.” But she’s not content to parrot the worn out analogies of the “mainstream” Democratic operatives.

First she accuses Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Joe Biden, and Diane Feinstein of being “Republicans in Democratic clothing”. That’s a hoot! But then she goes completely around the bend:

Recently, it was revealed that George only interacts with four people: Laura, Condi, Karen Hughes and his Mom. His Mom, the Ice Queen who didn’t want her “pretty mind” burdened with the images of flag draped coffins coming home, lives in Houston. On President’s Day, (Feb. 20) we will be demonstrating in front of her house to implore her to forget about the obscene profits that her family and their friends are making off of this occupation and to beg her to finally do the right thing and make her son stop this insane war OF terror against the world. George and Dick are defiling the highest offices of the world and they need to resign. On President’s Day, when we have the day off, we need to demonstrate against the ones who are illegitimately in power, anyway. If you can’t make it to Houston, organize your own President’s Day protest.

I wonder if Mama ‘Ice Queen’ is the go-between to the evil Karl Rove, or how the other operatives in the “neo-Fascist regime” get their orders?

And not to be outdone, she decides to promote government overthrow while she’s at it:

This Easter we will again be demonstrating in front of the man’s home who is responsible for such pain and abject heartache in the world. But, we will be there with a renewed sense of hope that the Chickenhawks will be sent out to pasture this year. Like Michael Moore, I want to be a fly on the wall when Bush and company are hauled out of the White House in handcuffs. Impeachment is not necessary for people who never were elected…eviction is what is needed.

I know that she has endured a lot of pain at the loss of her son. But it seems that she has lost grips with reality completely now. Like Diane Feinstein??!?? digg:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? spurl:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? wists:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? simpy:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? newsvine:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? blinklist:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? furl:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? reddit:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? fark:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? blogmarks:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? Y!:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? smarking:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? magnolia:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!?? segnalo:Republicans... Like Diane Feinstein??!??

If you’re looking for some top-notch engineering staff in the Atlanta area, I happen to personally know 200+ people who are now immediately available. Matsushita to restructure overseas mobile business

The world’s top consumer electronics maker, known for its Panasonic brand, said it would close a factory in the Philippines and a development facility in the United States as part of its plan to refocus resources on phones for next-generation networks.

Ironically, the US facility was already working on 3G (UMTS) products for Panasonic, but it’s not important to let facts get in the way of a good spin story. Wanted (?) digg:Help Wanted (?) spurl:Help Wanted (?) wists:Help Wanted (?) simpy:Help Wanted (?) newsvine:Help Wanted (?) blinklist:Help Wanted (?) furl:Help Wanted (?) reddit:Help Wanted (?) fark:Help Wanted (?) blogmarks:Help Wanted (?) Y!:Help Wanted (?) smarking:Help Wanted (?) magnolia:Help Wanted (?) segnalo:Help Wanted (?)