April 2005

For those of you concerned about the opinions of crack-pot third-rate leaders, CNN Reports that Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, in Cuba to hold hands with his best buddy Fidel Castro, will not be returning to the US. “I have not returned, nor do I think about returning again, until the people of the United States liberate that nation,” said Chavez, saying that Americans are “oppressed” by their government and U.S. media.

Oppression. That’s an interesting one. Maybe he’s talking about Fox News? I thought the MSM isn’t biased at all. (At least that’s what internal investigations at CBS News shows.)

According to Prenza LatinaChavez also extols “There is a new logical alternative to capitalism, which is no other than Socialism, and we are building our own socialist model without emulating the ones from the past.” Of course his socialist utopia is built on exporting oil to the US, although he does seem to believe that the US is planning to invade Venezuela to try to kill him. I guess it worked out well for Saddam.

In the ‘strange but true’ category, we also hear of him giving free copies of Don Quixote to his citizens. Wouldn’t seem to inspire too much confidence around the public square… don’t you think?

Of course, turning Venezuela’s economy into a mess and trying to create a socialist dictatoriship is quite a resume. But let’s not forget that it was non other than Nobel Prize winner Jimmy Carter who certified Chavez’ shady victory in last August’s recall election. The same Jimmy Carter who could not bring himself to trust fairness in 2004 US Presidential Election in Florida.

Hates America, but needs it for survival. Best friend to Fidel Castro. Backs socialism over capitalism. Wants the people of America to ‘rise up’ and overthrow imaginary oppression. Promises to help the poor… but doesn’t act on it. Has the backing of Jimmy Carter. Sounds like Chavez is angling for a time slot on Air America radio.

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Well doesn’t this just beat all? For the last several days this area has been wonder what happened to Jennifer Wilbanks, the bride-to-be who supposedly disappeared during a jog alone here in Duluth, GA. Volunteers and police combed the area. National news media reported the story. Yesterday we had developments that her fiance’s lawyer was negotiating to take a police lie detector test, but had not done so.

And now it turns out that Jennifer jumped on a bus and went down to New Mexico, to have a little ‘alone-time’ because of the pressures of her wedding, originally scheduled for Saturday.

Hey, I know that weddings cause stress. I assume that there were a lot of family pressures. I don’t know her, but she certainly wasn’t described as a flake. But if she wanted to ‘get away’ – fine. But to disappear off the face of the earth

Worse yet, she apparently made up some story about being abducted by two people in a van when she finally did call, eventually telling the truth to police in NM. I guess she didn’t want to get in trouble with mommy and daddy.

What a ridiculous situation. After three days, someone who is trying to escape the pressure of a wedding certainly has time to make contact with her family to let them know she is OK. Her picture and story has been broadcast on every TV, radio, and newspaper in the country. Certainly she knew people were looking for her. She was a 32 year old woman, not some immature 18 year year in trouble.

I wonder what made her finally call. The fact that suspicions were falling on her boyfriend? The fact that the large-scale searches were being called off and that attention was dying down?

They say no criminal charges are pending. Off course, she didn’t stick to her lie long enough. The family was obviously genuine in trying to find her. I hope that she does have to repay all of the money it cost for the searchers to try to locate her.

And it certainly feel bad for the fiance. I’m guessing the wedding is off for today.

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The President is scheduled to hold a prime-time news conference tonight.

Regardless of what you think about Social Security privatization or whatever he will discuss… what rocket-scientist media consultant to the White House thinks scheduling a news conference during the middle of Survivor would be a way to get most Americans on-board with the message?

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